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Iridescence is a Shoot-Em-Up game with a color-changing mechanic, where you dodge and absorb many different colored bullets. It features a hand-painted watercolor theme throughout.

  • 5 main levels and 30 challenge levels.
  • Unique watercolor aesthetic
  • Compelling puzzle-like score system
  • Every enemy placed with purpose
  • Dodge & absorb 4 different bullet types
  • Tough, dynamic boss fights

10/10/17: As of today I am releasing a demo containing the first level and the first 5 challenge levels. Please let me know if you experience any bugs.

10/13/17: Fixed a few bugs.

10/1/18:  New Demo Uploaded

10/21/18: Trailer Released.

Install instructions

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iridescence_final_demo_2p1.zip 56 MB

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